Terms And Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Your YELLO driving instructor might refer you to these Terms and Conditions.

Having ongoing lessons shows your understanding AND your agreement of them/with them.

  1. The Pupil certifies that (i) medically they are fit to drive and (ii) a valid driving licence is held. Pupils must inform their instructor if they receive any points on their licence during the period in which they are receiving tuition.
  2. In the event of mechanical breakdown or other difficulty outside the control of the Instructor, the Instructor reserves the right to rearrange lessons at short notice.
  3. A minimum of 48 hours notice is required to be given to the Instructor by the Pupil to cancel a lesson for whatever reason. If the Pupil fails to give such notice then the Pupil will be liable to pay the full lesson fee. (If a block of lessons has been purchased, YELLO will just count the missed lesson as one of the block)
  4. Lessons are 1.5 hrs (90 minutes) unless otherwise agreed. If for any reason (outside of the Instructors control) it is not possible to give full duration instruction, lost time will be added to later lessons.
  5. Any fee paid to the DVSA for the driving test fee does not include the use of the car for the purpose of the test nor any prior instruction.
  6. Payment for each lesson should be made prior to the lesson. Yello Driving School reserves the right to increase the price of lessons with reasonable prior notification to the Pupil. Any blocks of lessons (bought and paid for) will be honoured at the former prices. Any blocks of lessons cancelled (once they have begun) may be refunded but only after any lessons already taken have been deducted at the full price of individual lessons.
  7. Legal Liability – The pupil should be aware that the Instructors primary objective is to promote road safety and in doing so he/she may need to take control of the vehicle. The Instructor will make every effort to instruct the Pupil to the highest standards but can’t be held liable for any errors that the Pupil may make whilst driving and not accompanied by the instructor before during or after a test pass.
  8. The Instructor will try to teach the Pupil the correct driving skills according to the recommended syllabus issued by the DVSA within the minimum number of lessons required.
  9. Driving Tests – should only be booked with the prior agreement of the Instructor. The Instructor reserves the absolute right to withhold the use of his/her vehicle for any driving test. He/she will usually do so – as in fact required by the DVSA – where in their professional opinion a pupil is not at the required (test) standard. Mock tests might be carried out from time to time to see if any given pupil is at or near that standard. A pupil is always at liberty to go for test but will require the use of their own car to do so if (in the opinion of the Instructor) they are not likely to pass the test. The result of any mock tests will naturally count towards that.