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Thank you for choosing Yello as your driving school of choice. You now have access to our free resources page to help you with everything related to learning to drive.


Before you are able to sit your practical test, you first need to get your theory out of the way. This requires you to do a good amount of studying in your own time to ensure you know everything to be able to pass first time.

As a Yello Driving School pupil, we can give you FREE access to Theory Test Pro, a fantastic tool to help you revise for your theory test. Simply click below to get your access.

Theory Test Pro in partnership with Yello Driving School


If you want to ensure you pass your test first time around and become the safest driver possible, we always recommend doing an extra bit of homework.

We’ve put together some useful resources that you can study to put you in the strongest position possible when it comes to the big day.


Instructional videos are an incredibly useful way to help you when you are struggling with a certain aspect of driving. Whether it be reversing round a corner or passing your theory test, there is a wealth of free help out there!

We’ve selected just a few of our favorite videos to help you get to test standard quicker.